Episode 2: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Original Air Date: 1/27/11, 7:30 p.m., KCPT

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In the Episode 1 of Imagine KC we introduced the three Cs of a vision for creating a more vibrant, connected and green Kansas City region — Centers, Corridors and Conservation. This second episode focuses on the third C, Conservation, as we talk about energy efficiency and conservation in our built environment — the homes we live in, the buildings where we work, the schools we attend, even our city and county facilities.

By making our built environment more energy efficient and conserving energy, we save money, protect natural resources and create more attractive and comfortable places to live, work, learn and recreate. This episode looks at work that’s leading the way toward a more sustainable energy future for our region. We explore the benefits of LEED-certified building practices in the public and private sectors, community weatherization initiatives to help residents save energy and money, and new and exciting energy technologies designed to improve our homes and public services.