Imagine KC Resources

Local Initiatives: This section presents information about sustainable development and community development programs and initiatives that local governments, community organizations and other local partners have created which support the region's overarching sustainable development goals.

Regional Plans: MARC, small and large communities, and numerous stakeholders have collaborated on a wide variety of detailed plans that address the fundamental elements of livability, including transportation choices, environmental health, social equity, housing affordability, neighborhood preservation, community health, and economic competitiveness.

Policy Work: Local government policies guide the work of community development—what our neighborhoods, parks, streets, activity centers look like and how they function. This section looks at some local and national policies and ordinances that communities have adopted to move forward with sustainable development goals.

Research and Data: This section includes reports, studies and other information to help viewers gain a deeper understanding of some of the concepts and topics discussed on episodes of Imagine KC.

Terms and Concepts: This section acts as a glossary to provide general descriptions and definitions of key terms and concepts presented in Imagine KC episodes.