Episode 7: Natural Resources Conservation

Original Air Date: 10/13/11, 7:30 p.m., KCPT

Watch the complete seventh episode below

Episode 7 of Imagine KC focuses on natural resource conservation in the built environment. The show demonstrates why planning for what we don’t build matters just as much as planning for what we do build. Stories look at how preserving the natural environment improves quality of life, reshapes our built environment and creates a more sustainable region by providing benefits to those who live downstream.

This episode also highlights communities that are mixing "green" with "gray" infrastructure to address a number of problems. They are making strategic landscape investments to minimize flooding and water pollution, provide healthy recreation options, protect wildlife habitats and beautify neighborhoods.

We also see how residential and commercial properties are incorporating sustainable features such as rain gardens and green roofs and other green solutions, to bring the built environment and the natural environment closer together.