Episode 6: Connected Corridors

Original Air Date: 8/18/11, 7:30 p.m., KCPT

Watch the complete sixth episode below

The sixth episode of Imagine KC looks at strategies to connect our region's most vibrant places along key arterial streets and corridors. A regional corridor strategy is in the works that will increase transportation choices to allow residents, workers and shoppers to more easily travel around the region by foot, bike and transit. Stories in this episode look at plans to connect some of our region's most valued places and how they will benefit from corridor improvements and revitalization.

It might be hard for some to "imagine" what all these changes will look like in local communities, so for this episode we traveled to the Denver, Colorado, region where Englewood, Colorado, and Lakewood, Colorado, have made a great deal of progress with plans very similar to our own corridor strategy. Viewers will also go on a guided "tour" of the six corridors in the Kansas City region that will soon experience this type of transformation.

Previous episodes of Imagine KC focused on the other two Cs—Centers and Conservation—of the vision for creating a more vibrant, connected and green Kansas City. We’ve looked at forward-thinking energy efficiency and conservation strategies in local communities, and different types of activity centers, along with the choices local residents and planners can make to create more of these vibrant places. The region's corridor strategy demonstrates how the three Cs together form the basis of our region's long-term sustainability vision of vibrant, high-intensity centers, a healthy transportation system, and new opportunities for energy efficiency and conservation.